(White Plains, NY – April 7, 2014) - RCS, the World’s Largest Broadcast Software Company, announced today the release of Zetta Version 3.0 – the latest feature-packed version of its award-winning advanced playout and automation system.

President/CEO Philippe Generali commented on the release, “Zetta continues to expand its impressive list of features. The release is centered on enhancements driven directly from consumer user groups. The mobile functionality in Zetta is unmatched and you will continue to see our product lines grow in this direction. These are exciting times for technology.”

Since 2008, the ground-breaking Zetta radio automation software has been evolving in a way it was designed to do from its very inception: To be able to adjust to the demands of the market, to incorporate the demands of its customers and take advantage of giant-leaps in technology.

Since the release of Version 2 of Zetta, the RCS team has been continually improving what was already a state-of- the-art system. Version 3 not only delivers an improved workflow and better functionality, but also a dramatic, deeper push into the mobile world.

Starting with Zetta Version 3, if you have a PC or a Mac, or any mobile device – phone, tablet or phablet! – running a browser through any operating system: you can remotely control the On Air screen, do Voice Tracking, review your log or fire off Hotkeys.

Version 3 also fulfills the vision of not only meeting the rich legacy of the world-famous RCS “Living Log®”, but surpassing it with its advanced integration with the world’s most powerful content scheduler, GSelector. Taking advantage of the true multi-user capabilities in GSelector where changes made in either system are shown everywhere almost instantly.

The Zetta Version 3 Multi- Site Voice Tracking Tool is going to be a revolutionary aid for those who have to manage shows in multiple markets, and are working hard to keep it local.
The new Z-Player lets you manage and create loops from songs in the library, and even goes so far as to emulate a CD Deck, typical of what you might find in a club.

One of the biggest innovations the users will notice is a true MultiTrack Editor, the like of which, has never before been seen in a playout system. In this new tool, audio is left in its native format, sessions can be saved and audio mixed down faster than in real-time. This allows the user to add the resulting audio to the library, drag it to a hot key for playback later, or play it directly out of the Editor. Zetta is all about flexibility, and our Zetta development motto is, “No Limits”.
Note to Editors: Additional Information Follows:

In Version 3.0, RCS has added and enhanced many features:
• Dramatic improvements to the Gselector integration for real-time updates between the two systems
• Support for Wancasting to NexGen
• Multi-Site Voice Tracking Tool
 The first real broadcast industry innovation in Voice Tracking for years
 Manage multiple voice tracks in the same position of the log for one or more receiving markets
 Allows you to easily customize certain markets
 Real workflow management, see what voice tracking work is yet to be done at a glance
 Status shown in real time, un-recorded, recorded, transmitted, received all in one place
• Debuting three new Zetta Modules
 Z-Player
 Looping support
 External controller (JLCooper) support
 MultiTrack Editor
 Quick Recorder
• Introducing Zetta2Go in any browser
 Hot Keys control
 On Air
• Improving Satellite Mode
 Introduced Shifts
 Added support for Rotations, Tags, Imaging
 Include audio routing control
 Feed-through routing
• Premiering Splits Mode
 Splits over Wancast
 Splits over Serial
• Reinventing Wancasting
 Manual and automatic asset distribution
 Manual and automatic log distribution
 Voice Tracks over Wancast
 Transfer Throttling and Virtual Stations
• Introducing Background Recorder
 Including On Demand Recording
 Allows for Background Tasks execution
• Added Library and Log improvements
 Other Audio support added (custom element types)
 All Audio tab allows searching across types
 Assets can be copied and moved between types
 Quick Search in Library
 CD Ripper added
 Log Filtering
 Log Printing
 Initial support for custom attributes allowing Appearances and Row Highlighting
 Cart Chunk export
• Supporting Cue point markers embedded into assets
• Better Hot Keys & Stacks
 Colors on Hot Keys
 Next button and GPIO in Stacks
 Audio output assignable per Hot Key
 Per machine audio output override for both modules
• Introduced Live Reads
 Scripts support added
 Notes Module redesigned
• Introduced “Emergency” LocalDB support
• New enhancements to Sequencer
 Stretch to ETM
 Backtiming
 Auto Fill
 Output Channel Rotation
• Added enhancements to Player
 Completely new Player engine with improved buffering
 Introduced ASIO, DirectSound and WASAPI interfaces
 Added non-destructive Time Stretching
 EBU-R128 and Loudness Gated Normalization methods added
• Completely revamped User Rights
 Organizations and Roles added
 Talent Grid introduced
 User Rights also available for custom asset types
 User auto login to the UI
• And some other enhancements, including:
• Dozens and dozens of UI enhancements and optimisations
 Test segues on Metadata card
 Zetta Commands set grew to 250+ and growing
 On Air module expandable
 Support for Beds
 Enhancements for Content Store Prioritization and Local Caching
 MC “one button” VT mode
 Layouts Manager, Custom and Public Layouts supported
 New consoles supported: Monitora, DHD, Logitek

About RCS

RCS software is used by more than 14,500 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite music networks and Internet stations worldwide. RCS is the world's largest broadcast software company. The company also provides broadcasters and webcasters tools and expertise and also develops real-time audio recognition technology.