Programmers: a great strategic advantage at your finger tips

White Plains, NY (February 2, 2009) - The Media Monitors' Mscore™ Series will be a new way for radio programmers of all formats to understand how radio listeners use radio. The first in the series, Mscore Switching revealed today, calculates an index of switching when radio panelists react to songs on the radio. The Mscore is derived from looking at what happened during many spins of the song on a specific station and then displayed on the Media Monitors web service.

Mscore ™ can also be downloaded into RCS' GSelector so that music scheduling is enhanced even further. Understanding the interplay of listeners, ratings and switching delivers a clear, strategic advantage to programmers, allowing them to respond to the preferences of their audience.

CEO and President of Media Monitors, Philippe Generali said, "We've taken a giant step with Mscore Switching; with other forms of analysis coming in our Mscore Series. Finally, radio programmers will be able to see how their audience reacted to every song on the air. They will know which songs hold listeners, and what songs cause switching to another station. This is valuable information that will help make radio better for the audience."

Exclusively available through Media Monitors, MScore™ Switching provides insight from a totally new vantage point than traditional airplay measurement. The Mscore Series embellishes the many Media Monitors' spot monitoring services.

About RCS

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